Monday, December 5, 2011

Free Novellas and a Great Ebook for Cheap!

I loved Touch of Frost by Jennifer Estep and today, the ebook is only $2.99 at both Amazon and Barnes & Noble! Plus, the prequel ebook novella, First Frost, is available at both sites for free! Hurry up and get them before the prices go back up.

Tomorrow, Tortured by Caragh Obrien will be available at Amazon for free. Tortured is a novella bridge book between Birthmarked and Prized. I’ve already pre-ordered this one!


Michelle @ Book Briefs said...

Thank you so much for the heads up! Both are series that I am DYING to read. Touch of frost has been on my wishlist forever.

I love free kindle books but it is hard to keep track of all the deals :)

KM said...

Thanks for the heads up! I didn't know about FIRST FROST, so I got it. Love that series :)

Diana Guess said...

Thank you for these nice books. They are my type and I'll read them for sure, because I want to read something until Christmas and these are great for me. "Touch of frost" I think I'll download from all you can books if it's available, even it's not expensive on Amazon. But who knows, maybe I'll find it for free, because I don't have a credit card to pay for it or if not to buy it from the library, because it's not the same to lecture some great books on ebooks readers.


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