Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Book Review: Tangled

Release Date: Jan. 31, 2012
Publisher: Kensington
Pages: 313 pages
Genre: Paranormal
Source: Publisher
Goodreads Summary: Constance started to keen as the air around us began to thrash and twist, the caustic scent of ozone burning my nose. As I watched, her dark gold hair began to lift and kink into knots.

“I’m here. It’ll be okay.” It was the last thing I said before my best friend’s little sister went supernova in the second-floor girls’ bathroom, taking me with her.

A month ago, Mo Fitzgerald risked her life to stop an ancient prophecy and avenge her best friend's murder. Now, she only wants to keep her loved ones safe. But the magic—and the Chicago Mob—have other plans.

Mysterious, green-eyed Luc is back, asking for help—and a second chance. Colin, her strongest protector, is hiding a shocking secret. And inside Constance, the magic is about to go terribly wrong. Tangled in a web of love and betrayal, Mo must choose between the life she's dreamed of and the one she's destined for.

All Mo wants to do is get away from the magic and the mob but they just keep pulling her back in. Tangled picks up about a month after where Torn, the first book in the series, ended. Torn was all about avenging the death of Verity, Mo’s best friend, but Mo had to make sacrifices to get justice. Having done what she needed to do, Mo just wants her normal, invisible life back but no one will let her have it ever again.

The series is partially set in Chicago where Mo’s uncle is connected to the mob and partially set in New Orleans where a secret society of Arcs, people who can pull on the magic in the Earth’s elements, are headquartered. In many ways, the Arcs are no different than the mob: they are ruthless and will sacrifice anyone to get what they want.

Unfortunately, Mo is caught between both groups as well as some other characters, all of whom have their own agendas and almost none of them care about Mo’s well being. Mo realizes that she will never have normal again and that her dream of moving away from all of it may not be possible.

The love triangle from Torn continues in Tangled with Mo being pursued by magical Luc with his sexy Louisiana drawl and being drawn to Colin, her bodyguard with his mob ties and secrets. Both boys have their pros and cons and Mo does spend most of the book undecided about which one she is going to be with. One of the things I like about the book is that Mo’s character does grow throughout the story and she emerges a lot surer of herself than when she started. This confidence also extends to her decisions about the love triangle and I can’t wait to read the next book in the series, Bound, to see how she deals with the mob, the magic and the men.

Tangled is exciting, fast paced and the combination of magic and the mob is very cool. If you have not started this series yet, you really should. The series stand out from other books in the YA paranormal market and is definitely worth reading. Bound will be released in October 2012 and I'm looking forward to it.

Content: Profanity, kissing and violence

My Rating: Really Good!


KM said...

Girl, you have been reading like crazy! haha Super impressed :)

Truly Bookish said...

KM, February was a poor reading month for me and my review books are still stacking up! Trying to get through them all!


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