Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year and my Bookish Resolutions!

Happy new year everybody and I hope you had a fantastic holiday season! What’s a new year without resolutions and I am starting 2012 with some bookish ones. Here are my top five:

1. Borrow more library books, request less ARCs from NetGalley. I love my library and want to support it even more than I did last year.

2. Highlight books written by multi-cultural authors and/or featuring minority main characters. I super excited about this one and am co-hosting the 2012 Multi-Cultural Book Challenge. Make sure you sign up!

3. Catch up on the awesome books that were released in 2011 that I did not get to read. I love new releases but there are some current releases that I am dying to get to.

4. Read more YA contemporary books! I usually avoid contemps in favor of paranormal and dystopian books but after reading (and loving) There You’ll Find Me by Jenny B. Jones, I cannot wait to read more books like it. I’m happily taking recommendations for what contemporary novel to read next.

5. Keep book blogging fun, comment and network more and write more discussion related posts. The last one will be a bit of a challenge for me because I can be shy when giving my opinion but sometimes we have to step outside our comfort zone to grow.

What are your bookish new year’s resolutions?

1 comment:

Madigan McGillicuddy said...

Great resolutions! Mine are pretty similar... I'm posting mine tomorrow.

I like your resolution to read more contemporaries. I feel like I should do the same.


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