Monday, January 9, 2012

Book Review: Kiss of Frost

Release Date: Nov. 29, 2011
Publisher: Kensington
Pages: 354 pages
Genre: Paranormal, Mythology
Source: Publisher
Goodreads Summary: I’m Gwen Frost, a second-year warrior-in-training at Mythos Acad­emy, and I have no idea how I’m going to sur­vive the rest of the semes­ter. One day, I’m get­ting schooled in sword­play by the guy who broke my heart—the drop-dead gor­geous Logan who slays me every time. Then, an invis­i­ble archer in the Library of Antiq­ui­ties decides to use me for tar­get prac­tice. And now, I find out that some­one at the acad­emy is really a Reaper bad guy who wants me dead. I’m afraid if I don’t learn how to live by the sword—with Logan’s help—I just might die by the sword...
Jennifer Estep delivers a fun, action-packed sequel to Touch of Frost with Kiss of Frost. This second book picks up shortly after the first with Gwen learning how to fight from her crush (and hot Spartan), Logan Quinn.

As with the first book, Estep effortlessly weaves mystery and mythology together creating a story that’s hard to put down. After the events at the end of book one, Gwen knows she may be the target from those wanting to get revenge and it’s not too long before she is attacked. She has to find out who wants to kill her and she has to do it fast.

Gwen Frost is an extremely likable character. On the surface, she seems like the most ordinary girl in a school in a school full of rich, spoiled superheroes but her psychometry (ability to know an object’s history by touching it) gives her character a lot more depth. In Kiss of Frost, we get to see more of Gwen’s ability at work, which is nice. We also find out more information about the Chaos War and Gwen’s role as Nike’s champion.

The secondary characters are well written, especially Vic, Gwen’s bloodthirsty, talking sword. I love him! While I was happy with Gwen and Logan’s relationship at the end of the book, I want more! Jennifer Estep writes the opposite of insta-love: characters that are perfect for each other, have awesome, tension filled interactions but take forever to get together! It’s been fun seeing these two deny their feelings and I am very excited to see where the story takes them in Dark Frost, which will be published in June.

While the mystery in Kiss of Frost was a bit more predictable than in Touch of Frost, I still thoroughly enjoyed it. This series has romance, action and excitement. Can’t wait to see what Estep has in store for us next.

Content: Profanity, kissing, underage drinking and violence.

My Rating: Really Good!


TheDaydreamer3 said...

Is there an audiobook version?I would love to 'read' it :)

Great review btw;;)

Giselle said...

I'm really fasinated by this series. Especially the mythology part. I haven"t read book 1 yet but I d have it here I should get to it soon. Great review!

Xpresso Reads

KM said...

I love the romance in this book! Overall, it's just a really good series. It doesn't feel like a YA stereotype every time you read a chapter, and I think that's why I love it. Maybe because the author usually writes adult books? I don't know. Great review! :)


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