Monday, August 20, 2012

Winners and my (slow) reading progress


Congrats to Kimberly Lim, the winner of the Summer Giveaway Hop and Candace, the winner of Shadows on the Moon for the Multicultural Book Challenge for July. The winners were chosen by and have been contacted. Thank you to everyone who participated!

While I’m not back to my usual reading self, I am slowly but surely getting out of the dreaded reading slump so I will have some reviews up this week. How about you guys? How has it been going now that summer is winding down? Let me know in the comments!


KM said...

Yay for no more reading slump!! Now hurry up and read Deity so we can trade ;-)

Lovey Dovey Books said...

I feel like I'm falling into a reading slump because I've come across books that are taking me forever to read. But, summer is winding down and I have a slew of books to read for September and October. Yay!


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